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    • DAY BY DAY
      "Jeden Tag suche ich nach den richtigen Worten,
      denn ich habe so viel zu sagen ...
      Suche meinen Traum vom Leben im Glück,
      doch der Alltag stiehlt mir die Zeit,
      die ich brauch, um meinen Weg zu ändern.

      Doch es ist die Musik, die mir die Kraft gibt,
      mein Leben wie ein Gedicht zu fühlen;
      und den Alltag mal vergessen macht.
      Sie findet den Weg für mich."

      Day By Day

      I write and I write, every day
      I`m looking for the right word.
      Have so much, so much to say
      Declare myself to the Lord

      I search and I search
      Dream of a life in harmony
      The matching puzzle
      That completes me

      Endless working
      To try to survive
      It`s hard to name it
      If words stab like a knife

      I`m satisfied with my job
      But it fills the whole day
      How much time remains to liven up
      How much time to change the way

      I drive and I ride
      This power sets me free
      You can feel it and see

      The ride and the music
      The sound and the love in me
      Feels life like a poem
      She finds the way for me

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
    • FIRE
      "Die Nacht bricht herein, die Stadt und die Menschen schlafen
      Doch geheimnisvolle Schatten verbreiten bedrohliches Unheil.
      Dann bricht er los, der Feuersturm, den maskierte Männer entfachen."


      Night falls down and town`s asleep
      People dreaming, nobody`s on the street.
      Mystic shadows on the wall
      Dangerous feeling, possesses all.

      And to the Lord we pray
      Please take the pain away.

      Fire - the fear is in your eyes.
      Fire - the flames jump to the sky`s.
      Fire - destroying everything.
      Fire - is a devastating King.

      Masked` faces, men in black.
      They are planning to attack.
      Fire raisers they are all.
      Want the town crumble to fall.

      And to the Lord we pray
      Please take the pain away.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Wenn du das Gefühl hast, dein Leben gerät aus den Fugen,
      dann sind Drogen keine Hilfe.
      Eine Weile lassen sie dich verrückte, phantastische Dinge sehen,
      lassen dich in andere Sphären gleiten, doch dann kommt der Absturz.

      Der Höllenzug donnert laut und gewaltig heran und reißt dich mit.
      Dein Leben ist nichts mehr
      Dein Ruhm ist nichts mehr
      Nichts mehr wird sein wie es war
      und man wird die Hymne der Trauer spielen."

      Hells Train

      One sunny slope and beach with swell
      The shadowed light of evening fell

      And where the maple' s leaf was born
      with soft and silent laps come down

      But soon a funeral hymn was played
      train of the hell come loud and great
      and nothing is your life
      and nothing is thy fame
      and nothing will be real
      and nothing will be same

      For upward in the mellow light
      rose the blue hills one cloud of white

      Around a for upliffed cone
      in the warm blush of evening shone

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Laßt uns abhauen hier,
      Laßt uns davonfliegen aus dieser Welt,
      Laßt uns dahinfahren auf dem Highway der Träume

      Vorbei an unseren imaginären Wünschen
      Ruhm, Ehre, Gut und Geld ...

      Doch plötzlich stoppen Regenwolken den Weg
      Die Schleier fallen von den Augen
      Es war alles nur ein Traum..."

      Highway of Dreams

      Cramped by, the pressure of the world, lousy lack of freedom
      My prayers won`t be heard.
      Open up the door, located in your mind!
      Find your inner core, ignore the other kind.

      So let`s fly and drift away
      Conceived game`s an easy play.

      In a car driving down the road, see the field of vision.
      The highway I behold.
      Absorbing the ambience of peace, finally unchained
      Wish this moment would freeze.

      Passing by, things of my imagination
      Longing for a nicer boss and appreciation.
      A house like a palace, a truckload of money
      A bunch of sexy chicks, and never ending glory.
      And a star at sunset boulevard.

      The scales fall from my eyes, it`s not the truth
      That's what I recognize.
      But suddenly a darkened cloudy wall,
      Blocks my path and the rain begins to fall.

      So let`s fly and drift away
      Conceived game`s no easy play

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
    • OLD CITY
      "Zurück aus dem Nirgendwo, wo mich nichts mehr hält.
      Zurück in die Stadt meiner Kindheit, denn zu Hause ist da, wo dein Herz ist.
      Aber; da ist nichts mehr wie es mal war...

      Zurück aus dem Nirgendwo ist es Zeit neu zu beginnen
      Das gelobte Land zu suchen, das früher mein zu Hause war."

      Old City

      Returning from nowhere, cause loves one`s are gone
      I was so desolate and felt all alone

      So I went back to my hometown, the place that I miss
      Cause everybody knows: "Home is where the heart is"

      But then there was no help…

      The decayed houses, no glory of the past
      No crowded streets, but blazing tones at last

      The Park I used to sit and take the stress away
      Lay`s here now overgrown, there is no need to stay

      But then there was no help, my dream becomes an alp

      Look for well-known faces, relatives of mine
      Most of them "address unknown" or frailed left behind

      After endless searching, the only friend I know
      Lies at the old graveyard, six feet down below

      But then there was no help, my dream becomes an alp

      Returning from nowhere, cause loves one`s are gone
      I was so desolate and felt all alone

      But now it`s time to restart, can`t take it anymore
      Search for the promised land my hometown was before.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Eine Leben zu leben zwischen Vernunft, Verstand und dem was das innere Gefühl sagt.
      So klar es scheint ist es auch ein Chaos.
      Aber wichtig scheint es, das man Gelegentlich Hilfe auf dem Weg bekommt.
      Ab und zu eine Chance."

      One More Chance

      It would be a better time
      Nowbody says it will not
      Live gets a straighter line
      Which drives us wild and hot

      Everybody just says
      Take off and change the sounds
      But for me it is
      Like I am falling down

      Many things should be done
      I really don´t know how
      The more I try to turn the screw
      The more I raise my power

      But for all the things I heave
      Sun isn´t always shining
      But I am getting it´s through
      I just get in problem time

      I´ve got to try once more, it´s not so easy
      I´ve got no more time, I am so busy

      Everybody gets one more chance, if someone really wants
      Everybody gets one more chance, to change his own world

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Manchmal braucht es eine Begegnung,
      die einen erkennen läßt,
      das nicht das Geld unser Leben bestimmt

      Erst in der Gefahr spüren wir,
      wieviel wir einander wert sind

      Steh auf und sei standhaft !
      Ab jetzt werde ich nicht mehr fallen;
      aber höre auf die Glocke
      des Sturmwächters!"

      Stand up Stand Tall

      Look at the fear we`re fed with.
      I want to see more happy people.
      Sometimes we all need an encounter
      Does really money let us live comfortable?

      I`m showing the life I am living
      Every little touch is not enough.
      It heals and the soul is screaming
      So let there be love.

      I was always on the run,
      As long as the planets are turning.
      Till I understood and my life has began,
      As long as the stars are burning.

      Stand up stand tall,
      Henceforth I`ll never fall.
      Listen to, listen to
      The stormbringers call.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Von all meinen Feunden, bist du der einzige,
      den ich nie vergessen werde.

      Und sollte ich vor dir sterben,
      werde ich im Himmel auf dich warten

      Auch wenns im Leben immer rauf und runter geht,
      was kann eine echte Freundschaft denn
      erschüttern ? ..."

      Steps Up And Down

      "Of all the friends that i' ve ever met ... "

      Of all the friends I've ever met,
      You are the one, I wont forget.
      And If I die before you do
      I' ll got to heaven and I wait for you.

      Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss
      You are my friend, please answer this

      Steps Up And Down

      Are we friends, or are we not
      You told me once, but I forgot
      So tell me now and tell me true.
      So I can say I' m here for you.

      Writen with a pen sealed with a kiss
      You are my friend please answer this.

      Steps Up And Down

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Der Tag ist vorüber und die Dunkelheit fällt von den Schwingen der Nacht.
      Durch Nebel und Regen, glimmen die Lichter der Stadt

      Ein Gefühl von Traurigkeit und Sehnsucht
      überkommt mich,
      Und dieser Kummer gleicht nur dem Nebel,
      der zu Regen wird.

      Leben ist endlose Mühe und Plage.
      Aber heute nacht ruhe ich aus."

      The Day Is Done

      The day is done, and the Darkness
      Falls from the wings of night,
      As a feather is wafted downward
      From an eagle in his flight.

      I see the lights of the village
      Gleam through the rain and the mist,
      And a feeling of sadness comes o`er me
      That my soul cannot resist:

      A feeling of sadness and longing,
      That is not akin to pain,
      And resembles sorrow only
      As the mist resembles the rain

      Not from the grand old masters,
      Not from the bards sublime,
      Whose distant footsteps echo
      Through the corridors of time.

      For, like strains of martial music,
      Their mighty thoughts suggest
      Life`s endless toil and endeavor;
      And tonight I long for rest.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
    • THE WAY
      "Sage mir nicht, das Leben ist nur ein leerer Traum.
      Für die Seele ist das der Tod und Dinge sind nicht, was sie zu sein scheinen ...

      Wenn du den Weg findest - Laß es mich wissen
      Wenn du nicht weißt wie - Laß es mich dir zeigen
      Wenn du keine Hilfe willst - versuch es immer wieder neu

      Sei nicht wie ein getriebenes Vieh,
      Sei ein Kämpfer auf dem Schlachtfeld des Lebens."

      The Way

      Tell me not in mournful numbers
      That life is nothing but an empty dream.
      For the soul is dead, only slumbers
      And things are not what they seem.

      Life is real, life is earnest
      And the grave is not its goal
      Dust than art to dust returnest
      Was not spoken of the soul.

      If you find the way
      Let me know
      If you didn`t find
      Let me show
      If you don't know how
      Please let me to explain.
      If you don`t need help
      Try to search again.

      Art is long and time is fleeting,
      and our hearts though stout and brave.
      Still like muffled drums are beaten
      Funeral marches to the grave.

      On the worlds broad fields of battle
      In the bivouac of live
      Don`t be like a dumb driven cattle
      Be a hero in the strife.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
      "Wo kann ich dich finden - Glück ?
      Alles was ich in mir habe, ist der Rhythmus meines Lebens.
      Das ist wichtig, damit ich mich gut fühlen kann.

      Werde ich dich eines Tages finden?
      Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, dich fest zu halten - Glück?

      Auch wenn die Anderen mich nicht verstehen,
      ich werde dich immer weiter suchen ..."

      What`s Luck ?

      Luck, where can I find it
      Cause, what I got inside.
      Is the rhythm of my life
      This is important to feel allright.

      I`ve got the move it
      The life will beat me down.
      Luck, where can I find it
      I do these Things now
      May one day I`ll find a way
      I can take control.
      The others won`t understand
      They will never even know.

      Now I`m gonna try

      Now let my spirit fly
      And the fool must die

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX
    • WHAT I AM
      Manche Umstände, von denen du glaubst, sie drücken dich nieder
      machen dich in Wahrheit stark.
      Hör auf, deine Zeit mit Sinnlosigkeit, die die Welt dir vorgibt,
      zu vergeuden und suche nach dem was dich erfüllt und trägt:

      Das, was du bist

      What I Am

      There are some things, that count in life
      Belief in god, love for my wife.
      I' m a poet with a microphon.
      Want to tell you stories of my own.

      Circumstances may weight you down.
      But cherish all what you have found.

      Once I had a big disease
      Which nearly brought me to my knees.
      Considered the world with whole new eyes
      - This divine providence surprise.

      Cause no matter how deep you fall
      Youre stronger than ever... after all

      What I am ( and what he wants to be )
      I am what I am ( everythings destiny )

      So if you stuck in a blind end.
      Then I tell you to comprehend.
      Don't waste your time in nullities clutch.
      Search instead for tender crutch.

      Music and Lyrics: MemoryFX


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